Serpent (serpent_849) wrote,

just to have it here

my entry for the twitter challenge at themiddleearth. of course i didn't win, i'm already used to being my own biggest fan.
so, The One Ring got itself a twitter...

AshNazg Swimming is fun!
4:32 PM Oct 5th, 2

AshNazg Oops sorry @Isildur :/
4:33 PM Oct 5th, 2

AshNazg Bored.
10:20 PM Jun 19th, 1409

AshNazg Excited, someone found me. Hope he'll return me to my Master, i feel He's not doing well:(
2:16 PM May 28th, 2463

AshNazg Bored.
9:14 AM Aug 13rd, 2813

AshNazg I escaped and i haz a hobbit now.
10:12 AM Jul 22nd, 2941

AshNazg I haz a new hobbit. Master is calling me, maybe this one can help me get there?
8:40 PM Sep 22nd, 3001

AshNazg From what I've heard, we're on the way to Mordor. Yay!
1:14 PM Dec 26th, 3018

AshNazg I'm suspecting something:( kinda worried tbh:(
8:49 PM Feb 27th, 3019

AshNazg Ouch
11:11 AM Mar 25th, 3019
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