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Inspired by the conversation with 4jinx_removing, here are the firefox add-ons i love: abcTajpu. type in any language♥ Adblock Plus Add to search bar - use any search form directly from your search engine list (and see Second search below) just a calculator. i hate leaving the browser or even my tab just to count something. Check4Change refreshes for you automatically and checks whether the selected text is still exactly the same. it's been with me through many worries. Copy as HTML link. the Finnish keyboards have one or two key more and as a result i can't type < and > (typed using abcTajpu - you can also set shortcuts for your most used symbols/text) directly. i've meant to make my custom keyboard layout for like forever but for links it's much easier to just right-click;) Custom Download Manager. i always hated how the downloads were in a new window :D FastestFox it does many things but i love it most for making pages with "next" on them endless - it just loads the new one as a continuation of the one you're browsing. unfortunately it doesn't always deals with < and other symbols well and works backwards on myp2p. Fierr. refreshes the page for you every 10 seconds if it's not available. great during lj fails. i sometimes feel sorry for it and its hard work. Fuzzy Time. I bloody love this clock. (used Copy as html link for the link;)) But it's bloody expensive and i look at my browser far more than i'd look at a clock. so, for about a year i haven't had a proper clock in the corner of my screen, forcing me to use this one all the time. Greasemonkey. 39534969563 more things like add-ons - scripts. i mainly use those that let me laugh at the people who get fucking paid accounts for the same functions. (expanding threads and subscribing to specific comments) IE Tab Plus. let's face it, sometimes we do need IE. it lets you just open it in a tab. somehow it even opens just a couple of seconds slower than a regular new tab. Lazarus. it's currently saving every letter i type here in case lj fails. i won't lose this post and i don't need to copy obsessively to ensure this. i don't even need to tell it about lj's problems - it just saves everything. Lightshot. 357945793459x more control than the PrntScrn button. allows you to quickly upload it too. Linkification. makes links clickable. Livejournal Hook. select text and tag it as a cut or lj user. and 57937579x more lovely things that i don't use :D Locationbar2. allows you to trim the url easily to "go a level up". MenuEditor. See the number of add-ons? almost each of them creates its menu options somewhere. i don't need them ALL and especially not all of the default ones. if this post inspires you do get many add-ons, be sure to get this one to clean up your browser :D Organize Statusbar. does the same with your statusbar. every add-on considers itself important enough to be in your statusbar. and to decide its position. nothx. Multiple Tabs Handler. select multiple tabs to close them all. or to close the non-selected ones. or duplicate tabs. or do many other things i don't even need :D Read It Later. who's not guilty of bookmarking stuff you just need to read once? i'm not anymore :D ReminderFox. got it during the attacks on lj so that my fandom life didn't depend on which tabs i have open. i'm really not organized enough to download special software just to be more organized. Righttoclick. gives you your right back. second search. no need to limit yourself to just one default engine - or to change your default one all the time when you really just need to use a different one NOW. youtube to mp3. enough said, i'm kinda tired :D

and these are not even all i use or especially all i have installed :D

if there was an add-on to get me more icon spaces, i'd use this one:

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feel free to use, no need to credit. as you can see i fucking love firefox.
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